Terms of Use

1.1 mywebsiteslist guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data that is provided. These data will not be transmitted in any case to third parties and are reserved for exclusive use of mywebsiteslist. Likewise, the content of the dialogues exchanged in the mail, as well as the private part of "chat" is kept confidential. The cases of abuse that are referred to in point 5 of the present General Conditions are reserved, and in such cases, the recorded content could be used as legal proof.

1.2 The User expressly agrees that his profile may be used by mywebsiteslist for promotional reasons, provided that its content is not recognizable and remains anonymous.

1.3 In no case mywebsiteslist is not responsible in case of usurpation of identity or use of personal data by third parties. mywebsiteslist is not liable if third parties collect or store user data including photos of users from mywebsiteslist and show them in other external media to mywebsiteslist.

1.4 Under prior opt-in by the member, the member will receive advertising offers from mywebsiteslist partners by email or other forms of advertising. In any case, the member's email address or any personal information will never be transmitted to such members.